If You Get Engaged at Burning Man, Does it Count?

Let’s get one thing clear, when my ex fiancée asked me to marry him at Black Rock City on Saturday, September 4th, I wasn’t exactly sober…


How I Moved from New York to Los Angeles in an Attempt to Escape My Problems.

While my love of New York steadily dwindled with every cockroach sighting or delayed L train, the true source of my unhappiness was much deeper than that…

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Girl Starts to Write Cover Letter, Accidentally Completes Autobiography

LOS ANGELES, CA — Three days ago Jackie Rae Aubel, a perpetually unemployed 26-year-old, began writing the cover letter intended to precede her application for the role of Development Assistant for Amazon Studios. This morning, she woke from a zombie-like trance to learn that instead of writing a brief summation of her job history and qualifications, she accidentally completed her autobiography.